Shavuot is known as the white wine festival
In Israel, Shavuot is known as the ‘white wine festival.’
Hoy Wine BatMan
A new controversial film about Israeli wine and a new book published for wine tourists.
Perhaps the sagest advice of how to enjoy yourself on Yom Ha?atzma?ut was found on a 6th century BCE wine chalice discovered in Cyprus. ‘Be Happy, Drink Well.’
Winemaking was a mainstay of the economy thousands of years ago, and Shiloh Winery renewed the tradition of winemaking in the same place, in our days.
Drinking To Remember or to forget
The idea is to drink enough so one is unable to tell the difference between the phrases ?Blessed be Mordechai? and ?Cursed be Haman.?
Roses and Roses
The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
Today women abound in the Israeli wine industry, but it was not always that way.
A new Master of Wine has emerged from Israel: Ido Lewinsohn, head winemaker of Barkan-Segal.