Adam S. Montefiore



Seren DPT is the most innovative wine venue in Israel and a new place for residents or tourists to enjoy ‘An Israel Wine Experience.’ It is situated in the Greek Market in Jaffa, not far from the old clock tower and is easily accessible for those in the center of the country, particularly for those who live or are staying in the Tel Aviv area.

The tasting room/ wine bar/ wine shop is home to some of the finest and most interesting boutique and small wineries in Israel. There, they hold regular tutored tastings. It is a place where wine lovers, eager students or connoisseurs may taste, learn, purchase and even talk about wine. There is an opportunity to organize specialist wine events at a beautiful, atmospheric and original venue and there is also a program of wine courses & wine lectures.

The wineries listed by Seren DPT include:

Abaya, Galilee
Ashkar, Galilee
Bar-Maor, Coastal
Buffa, Judean Hills
Capsouto, Galilee
Clos du Gat, Judean Hills
Gros, Galilee
Harashim, Galilee
Kanatir, Golan Heights
Kishor, Galilee
Margalit, Coastal
Mika, Golan Heights

Nana, Negev
Munitz, Judean Plain

Philokalia, West Bank
Pinto, Negev
Stern, Galilee
Tel, Golan Heights
Vortman, Coastal
Yaacov Oryah, Judean Plain
Zafririm, Judean Hills

Seren DPT brings these wineries to the city.
Bookings should be made in advance.

Seren DPT, 7 Yoezer St, Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
Tel. +972 3 772 2730