Adam S. Montefiore


“I urge you not to sit on the sidelines, but to become an active participant in the exciting blossoming of the Israeli wine scene. I recommend that you come to Israel and see the country through the prism of its wine industry. Whether your interest is history, people, religion, gastronomy or wine, you can really get to know Israel through its wine regions, wineries & wines. There is plenty to see… and taste!” Adam Montefiore, The Wine Route of Israel

The objective of The Israel Wine Experience is to advance Brand Israel through lectures, tastings, events, winery visits and education. Adam Montefiore is the partner of Oded Shoham, who founded this initiative. Adam, born in London and Oded, raised in Chicago, have between them over sixty years’ experience in Israeli wine. Adam Montefiore is regarded as the Ambassador of Israeli Wines and Oded Shoham as the No.1 Israeli Wine Personality.
Both share the hosting of the activities listed below.

Wine educational seminars or workshops are held to introduce, explain and teach about Israeli wines and also to explain how to enjoy and appreciate wine more.

Both Adam & Oded are knowledgeable, informative, entertaining and experienced guest speakers, whether invited to New York, London, Tokyo or Tel Aviv.

Lectures may be given on any subject covering Israeli wine from the ancient history to the recent quality revolution.

Tutored Tastings may be arranged to a theme and at a venue of your choice. The context may be varietals, regions, history, ABC (anything but Cabernet & Chardonnay)…… the options are endless.

Wine events may be organized from the planning stage to the execution. Deciding which wines to order, matching the wine to the food and bringing a wine context to an event already organized.

A special dinner prepared to showcase the current culinary and wine revolution in Israel. Suitable wines will be matched to a specific menu and the winery experts will provide explanations.

Tours to wineries may be arranged to fit in with your program. They could be to the Galilee and the Golan Heights in the north; to the Mt. Carmel region on the coast; the Judean Hills in the center of the country or the Negev in the south. Tours can be half a day, a full day or spread over a number of days. Taste the wine in the place it is made and maybe even meet the winemaker.

Vineyard tours may be arranged to the different regions to sample the different terroirs of Israel and see old wine presses, Biblical sites and beautiful views.